Special Events

Here at Castlegate Security we have experience in providing security personnel for Special Events where large numbers people are due to gather.

We implement tried and tested crowd control techniques, ensuring the safety of all persons present. Whether it’s the public, venue staff or performers,
our trained officers will provide the support you require to enable your event to run smoothly.

Our officers are always in radio communication with each other, the event Security Supervisors and Client Venue Management team.

Additionally, temporary Mobile CCTV monitoring and recording units are available for hire.

Our Clients 

  • BBC
  • ITV
  • Channel 4
  • Disney Films
  • Duchy of Lancaster
  • Lancaster County Council
  • Lancaster City Council

We also work with many independent filmmakers, as well as some Global News Channels.

Castlegate Security in St Nics Arcade


The photo above is of the Castlegate Team with John Newman after his hometown gig for his debut album launch.

Lancaster Castle is a great place to work at. Our security officers are there 7 days a week looking after this fantastic historical building on behalf of the Duchy of Lancaster. The constant stream of visitors to this wonderful attraction keep us busy all day long.

It was a working prison until 2011, however the Crown Court still operate at the rear of the Castle.

Security Personnel at Events

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