Lone Worker Services

Here at Castlegate Security, we take lone worker services seriously. We offer a variety of solutions to you as an employer of lone workers, giving you endless options.

We can provide an alarm device that makes a telephone call to an Alarm Receiving Centre. The situation is then monitored and a response formulated according to the threat. Moreover, we can provide lone worker escort services from place of work to residence, either by foot or vehicle.

The issue of Lone Worker Security is becoming more wide-reaching within every level of an organisation. Far from being a consideration exclusive to the individual lone worker, staff at manager level and business leaders are increasingly aware of their legal duty of care to staff.

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About Lone Working

Tens of thousands of lone workers are abused, attacked or victims of an accident in the UK every year. On average, over 160 attacks take place on lone workers in the UK every day. Those particularly at risk are employees carrying out jobs where social contact with the general public is commonplace.

Thousands of other workers are at risk of ‘man-down’ situations from an environmental risk. Around 61 deaths and 14,000 serious injuries from slips, trips and falls were recorded in the UK in 2008 alone.

Receiving abuse or being faced with a disproportionate level of risk as part of your job is unacceptable. To add to this, it brings associated business costs that are a significant financial drain on those employers involved.

Lone Worker Security

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