Static Guarding in Lancaster

At Castlegate Security we understand the importance of working hard against the risk of theft. With increased thefts and abuse towards staff, having static guarding can help you immensely.

We have over 15 years experience in retail, building sites, and office buildings security. As a result, we can provide all employers and employees with valuable peace of mind. Our security guards are experts in this field and are trained specifically for this type of work. Furthermore, we can also advise you on a variety of solutions relevant to you and your business.

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Commercial and Industrial Security Guards

At Castlegate Security we understand that you are occupied running your business and don’t have the time to deal with awkward incidents. Because of this, our professionally vetted security guards are fully qualified to take this responsibility away from your workload.

Industrial and commercial businesses have to be up to date with theft. In more recent years, thieves have been inventing new and ingenious ways to get past current security measures.

Although, our security experts make it their business to be one step ahead of the criminals as well as offering many innovative security solutions for businesses.

Commercial Security Guards

Gatehouse Services: Vetting & Granting Access
for Authorised Personnel Only

High Visibility Boards: Act as a deterrent to vandals & thieves. Our boards will display our security services in order to discourage any miscreant behaviour.

Front of House Guards: Provide a professional reception area presence, reassuring staff and visitors.

Dual Role Security Staff: Performing duties such as gatehouse and vehicle checks, as well as static security where a guard will remain on site at predetermined times.

Mobile Patrols: Guarding your premises professionally and creating a highly visible deterrent. Our guards will patrol all access points to ensure the site is free from intrusion and inspect fences, doors and any other possible weak point in security.

Security Guards

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