Vehicle Tracking

For extra security and added peace of mind, geo-fencing is included as standard. At Castlegate Security, you can set up the areas you wish to restrict vehicles travelling into or out of. An alarm will be sent to your designated telephone number to warn you that unauthorised vehicle movement is taking place.

Furthermore, we offer the security and safety benefits of 24 hour, real-time satellite tracking. Our system allows your entire fleet to be tracked in real time to street level.

GPRS also greatly reduces the communication charges involved with conventional GSM systems. The system can even be programmed to switch off at set times if you want to offer your drivers privacy out of working hours. Management reports of activity can be generated in whatever format suits your business and securely mailed to the security manager.

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Features of Tracking

Along with the ability to monitor a specific vehicle or view the whereabouts of your entire fleet at any time, our tracking system is packed with features. These help you run your fleet and improve efficiency and profits for your business.

Castlegate’s tracking system utilises GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), the constellation of satellites developed by the US Department For Defence. Our in-vehicle device communicates with at least three of these navigational satellites. These read the vehicle’s longitude, latitude and velocity to accurately pinpoint, within a radius of 7 metres, the vehicle’s exact location throughout Europe.

Constant real-time positioning information is available through the advanced technology of high speed, low-cost data transfer that is GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). This allows for up-to-the-second monitoring of a vehicle or an entire fleet.

GPS Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Services

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